Reflections by Jerry Webber

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

A Psalm 42 Prayer

A Prayer from Psalm 42:1-4 in Contemplative Voice

Like the deer traversing ravines, hills, and woods
between Lake Ann and Lake Brittany
constantly moving toward
fresh sources of water
So my soul’s thirst
for you
for the lost oneness
in which I was created

My seeking will not stop
- restless soul -
until the trek
ends in your heart
when I am at home in you
drinking from the never-ending spring

So much in daily life
brings pain and confusion

I get lost in the bramble

And then my own inner world --
mixed motives and desire for affirmation
the clamor for success and a vague yearning for more
addictive patterns --
All, in their own way, manifestations
of this soul-hunger
that fuels my searching

The memory, then, of fleeting moments
when the oneness has overtaken me
when tasting the sweetness
kept me on the path
a foretaste of some greater union
than I’ve imagined

the recovery of that
which I didn’t know I had lost
the coming home
for the first time

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